Next to Normal - How Could I Ever Forget? Lyrics

2009 Broadway
Next to Normal the Musical - How Could I Ever Forget? Lyrics

GABE (humming)

DAN (spoken)
What are you doing?

DIANA (spoken)
What is this?

DAN (spoken)
Where'd you get that?  It's nothing, an old music box.

DIANA (spoken)
It's the first thing you gave me.

DAN (spoken)

DIANA (spoken)
When I was pregnant.

DAN (spoken)
You, you don't need to.

DIANA (spoken)
The first time.  The first time?

DAN (spoken)
Diana, you, you shouldn't.

We were still living downtown

DAN (spoken)
You shouldn't.

My black coat thrown over my blue nightgown
You drove too fast, the lights of the city flew past

DAN (spoken)
Please, don't.

How could I ever forget?
Outside the morning was cool and wet
He had such chills but still
He lay there so still
Just 18 months old, so cold
We ran him inside
Lost, worrying, wondering
That hospital room, that gloom

How could I ever forget?
Screaming at doctors
Alarmed, upset
They said too wait
They never said we were too late
But I was a child raising a child
Those weeks full of joy, then a moment of dread

DAN (overlapping)
How could I ever forget?
I was so upset
Diana don't
You think this will help but it won't
So many years ago
So much we could not know

Someone simply said, Your child is

How could I ever forget?

How could I ever forget?

This was

the moment my life was set
That day that I lost you
It's clear as the day we met
How could I ever forget?

DAN (spoken)
Why would you want to remember the things that hurt you?

DIANA (spoken)
I want to remember everything Dan.  How did he die?  Why?  Why?!

DAN (spoken)
Diana, we didn't know.  He was sick.  But even the doctors missed it.  
We took him to the clinic, the specialist, the
ER in the middle of the night.  They said he had food allergies.  
They said babies cry.  We stayed up every night.  
You slept in his room but he cried and he cried.

DIANA (spoken)
Until one morning he stopped.

DAN (spoken)
That's enough.

DIANA (spoken)
He was a baby when he died, but I remember him much older.

DAN (spoken)
We should call Dr. Madden.

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