Nativity - Nazareth Lyrics

2017 Stage Musical
Nativity the Musical - Nazareth Lyrics

Things are really cool in Nazareth
Our city is full of joy
cause this is where girl meets boy.
Barely had a school in Nazareth
There is no hand in hand
This is no one night stand
The wedding is being planned here in Nazareth
Nazareth a place to live
Always willing to forgive
Nazareth will bring us well
We can hear those wedding bells (wedding bells)
Feeling in a fix, in Nazareth
Rules are to be obeyed
Arrangements are being made
Got to get your kicks in Nazareth
Baby, you'll run away
Start of a brand new day
Still you cannot betray
Good ol' Nazareth

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song Nazareth lyrics from Nativity the musical

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