Noble Sissle - Baltimore Buzz Lyrics

An African American musician and lyricist
Noble Sissle - Baltimore Buzz Lyrics

There have been a thousand raggy,
Draggy dances
That are danced in ev’ry hall.
And there have been a thousand raggy,
Draggy prances
That are pranced at ev’ry ball.
But the best-est one that wuzz
Is called the “Baltimore Buzz.”

First you take your babe and gently hold her.
Then you lay your head upon her shoulder.
Next you walk just like your legs are breaking.
Do a fango like a tango,
Then you start the shimmy to shaking.
Then you do a raggy, draggy motion,
Just like any ship upon the ocean.
Slide—and then you hesitate.
Glide—oh, honey, ain’t it great!
You just go simply in a trance,
With that “Baltimore Buzz”-ing dance.

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Baltimore Buzz Lyrics Noble Sissle

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