Noble Sissle - Oriental Blues Lyrics

An African American musician and lyricist
Noble Sissle - Oriental Blues Lyrics

If I only had an oil lamp like Aladdin,
With its mystic power from its mystic bower,
I’d call old genie to my side.
Precious stones nor riches would not be my wishes,
But on bended knee, I would implore old genie,
To let my conscience be his guide.
I’m so lonely and there’s only
One place that will ease my mind.
It’s that land where gentle Oriental maidens you will find.

I’ve got those Oriental blues,
I’ve got those Oriental blues.
I like to take a trip across the China Sea
To old Shanghai.
Sip a cup of China tea
With poor Butterfly,
Then spend a day at old Bombay
Watching those Hindoo maidens sway . . .
With a night’s repose
Where grows the Persian rose,
At dawn on an Arabian steed
At an Arabian speed,
Let me whirl with a Bedouin girl.
Then in Cairo town
I’d like to settle down.
Oh, I’ve got those mysterious, doggone delirious,
Oriental blues.

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Oriental Blues Lyrics Noble Sissle

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