The Notebook - SYNOPSIS

2024 Broadway
The Notebook the Musical - SYNOPSIS

In a modern day nursing home, an elderly man, Noah Calhoun, opens a notebook worn from years of use, which he is determined to read to his wife, Allison "Allie" Calhoun (née Nelson.) (Time). He begins to read her a story about two young people, Noah and Allie, who meet while Noah is performing at a local bar along his friends (Dance With Me). Though Allie is hesitant at first , since she's from a completely different world , that has nothing to do with Noah, she agrees to let him take her for a walk. At a dock , Noah claims he's falling in love with her , while Allie laughs at that. Noah then tells her that he knows their future and that one he'll carry her to their home as a couple. Allie is enchanted. (Carry You Home). Later and while the couple is sneaking around since Allie's parents don't approve of Noah and his backround, Noah sees an abandoned old house and decides he'll fix and built into his and Allies's home , starting by painting the shutters blue. (Blue Shutters)

There is a change of scenery and atmosphere as Younger Noah and Younger Allie take the stage, reflecting the story that Older Noah is reading. Their meeting is followed closely by a duet in which the two admit they are falling for each other.

The musical weaves between the timelines, bringing the audience from Younger Noah and Allie back to the nursing home, where Older Allie is beginning to have some familiarity with the story, but still can not remember its significance.

The audience is also soon introduced to Middle Noah and Middle Allie. The duo take on more of a lead role in the second act as they are reunited after years of separation; the audience still keeps up with their younger and older counterparts in brief scenes.

Middle Noah and Allie realize that Allie never received letters Noah wrote to her while they were apart.

Older Allie herself does not sing until the end of the show, when she finally remembers that Noah is her husband, and that the story he had been reading to her was theirs. The number ends as the two lie in bed and pass away peacefully in each other’s arms.

The closing number features all three Noahs, all three Allies and the characters that accompanied them throughout their love story, such as friends, family and nursing home staff.

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The Notebook the Musical

Dance With Me
Carry You Home
Blue Shutters
I Paint
Sadness and Joy
Leave the Light On
What Happens
I Wanna Go Back
If This Is Love
Kiss Me
We Have To Try
Iron in the Fridge
Don't You Worry
It's Not Easy
My Days
I Love You More
I Know