Prologue, Act II Lyrics

1938 London
Operette the Musical - Prologue, Act II Lyrics

The song is written by Noël Coward.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Tho’ it wasn’t our ambition
To succeed the intermission,
Here j t are.

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Do not think us too ironic
If we hope you’ve quenched your chronic
Thirst for Scotch or Gin and Tonic
In the Bar.

We now begin the Second Act
Which we believe will be effectual
And not too intellectual
A bore—

But still we cannot blink the fact
That tho’ you get a little wit through us
It’s hard to have to sit through us
Once more.

The only vindication for us is

We’re like those classical Greek Choruses

Who made the curse

Of laboured verse

A great deal worse.

Bluff Regimental men
Would—we feel—prefer a frolic
To this rather mock-symbolic
Rhymed refrain.

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Do not think the author cheated.

This effect has been repeated
Just to get you safely seated
Once again;

Although we lack
Charm and attack

We thank you very,
very much for coming back.

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Operette the Musical Lyrics

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