The Opening Chorus Lyrics

1938 London
Operette the Musical - The Opening Chorus Lyrics

The song is written by Noël Coward.

Hurray! Hurray !

We’re ever so gay

And French as French can be,

We say “ Merci ”

And “ This is the Vie ”

Without exactly proving much.

We might as well be Russian or Dutch
Or Japanese,

Our sole intention is to please;

We’re so vivacious

That we carry all before us

Prancing about beside the silver sea,

Bufgoodness gracious

If it wasn’t for the Chorus

Dancing about where would the Peerage be?

Hurray ! Hurray !

We’re ever so gay.

We smile and smirk and grin
Through thick and thin.

We’ll never give in.

And tho’ we tear ourselves to shreds
And wear these foolish hats on our heads
And do high kicks,

We all rehearsed with Seymour Hicks
In Trouville—Trouville—Trouville—Nineteen Six.

On the Plage
Where the shady little ladies are at large,
It’s a Continental Hades
Where you sell your soul for this and that and those,

Spend your money
On milk and honey
And frills and furbelows.

If you’re rich
You can take Yvette
To play roulette,
For which
She’ll overcharge;

But nevertheless when day is done
A man must have a little fun.
And fun is fun at Trouville on the Plage.

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Operette the Musical Lyrics

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