Jamaica - Leave de Atom Alone Lyrics

Lost Broadway 1956-1957: Broadway's Forgotten Musicals
Jamaica the Musical - Leave de Atom Alone Lyrics

Ever since the apple in the garden with Eve
Man always foolin' with things that cause him to grieve
He fool with the woman, with the Roman hot blood
And he almost washed up by the 40 day flood
But not since the doom day in old Babylon
Did he fool with anything so diabolical as the cyclotron
So if you wish to avoid the most uncomfortable trip to paradise
You will be scientific and take my advice

Leave de atom alone
Leave de atom alone
Don't get smart alexy with the galaxy
Leave atom alone

If you want to keep riding in Cadillac car
If you don't want to surely go to heaven prematurely on a shooting star
If it pleasures your heart to keep smoking that big fat cigar
Let me drive the point home
Leave de atom alone

If you want Mississippi to stay where it is
If you want to see Wall Street and General Motors continue in biz
If you want Uncle Sam to keep holding what's yours and what's his
If you're fond of kith and kin in their skin and bone
Don't fool around with hydrogen
Leave de atom alone

Bad for the teeth, bad for the bone
Don't fool with it, leave it alone

If you like Paris in the springtime (Paris in the springtime)
London in the fall (London in the fall)
Manhattan in the autumn (Manhattan in the autumn)
With music on the mall (with music on the mall)
Stop fooling with the fallout
Or puff the cosmic ball
Or soon you will be fissionable material

(Bad for the teeth, bad for the bone
Don't fool with it, leave it alone!)

Don't mess around you dopes
Lay off the isotopes

Don't you fuss with the nucleus
Don't go too far with the nuclear

Don't get gay with the cosmic ray
You'll burn your fingers, lose your hair
You'll leave big smog in the atmosphere

You're most exasperated
When radioactivated
And cannot be located on telephone

Go on back! (to rock and roll-a)
(To Rum and Coca Cola)
Go back to Eve, but leave de atom alone
(Bad for the teeth) That's right!, (bad for the bone) Uh Huh!
(Don't fool with it)

You'll spoil your complexion
Tie up the traffic
Jam up your plumbing
Lose your sweet disposition

(Don't fool with it)
Leave it alone

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Jamaica the Musical Leave de Atom Alone Lyrics

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