PARAMOUR - The Honeymoon Days of Fame Lyrics

Broadway Show From Cirque du Soleil (2016)
Cirque du Soleil PARAMOUR the Musical - The Honeymoon Days of Fame Lyrics

Now I have the answer
Become quite the dancer
We're tumbling around day and night

It's a wild roller-coaster
With each movie poster
The more I soak in the spotlight

Had me right at hello
Now I wouldn't let go
Getting used to this phase of the game

Must be the second-best thing
That don't come with a ring
It's the honeymoon days of fame

If you bottle the bliss
Of your very first kiss
Get to drink it when ever you like

We'll go picture to picture
I speak of elixir
One taste and it changes your life

In a single heart beat
you get knocked off your feet
With no prenup, you're only to blame
Stardom fits like a glove when you're madly in love
It's the honeymoon days of fame!

Let me bask in this moment
Take it in for a while, though I'm told
It just never gets old. now this feeling's brand new

I finally get to own it
For a lifetime I thought what I see would not happen to me
When out of the blue every dream has come true

Like in any good story
of glamour and glory
A dark cloud will block out the sun
Your thoughts will get sober,
vacation is over
I hate to be spoiling the fun

Still I'm faithfully yours
with no plans of divorce
As there's still so much left of this flame
You're my sweet candy bar, I'm addicted so far
It's the honeymoon days of fame!

[Thanks to Lexi for corrections]

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The Honeymoon Days of Fame Lyrics from Cirque du Soleil Paramour