PARAMOUR - Something More Lyrics

2016 Broadway
Cirque du Soleil PARAMOUR the Musical - Something More Lyrics

Please allow me friends to introduce myself
I'm your girl next door from Indiana
With my dreams still on a shelf
Haven't seen too much of anything
And so far I'm living on a shoe string

[Verse 1]
I write of life that's tender and ideal
Songs and poems with happy endings
But in my heart there's nothing real
Cause those words won't hold me in the night
Won't kiss me in the morning light
There's a fire in me burning
Every day I wake I find I'm yearning

For something more
Someone who will know my heart
Like none before
And see inside this lonely poet
For love that wants to hold me close
And never lose me
For a love that has the world to choose
but wants to choose me
I just hope that I am destined for
Something more

[Verse 2]
If I had that love then I'd be brave enough
To build this dream I have inside
And share this diamond in the rough
There is so much more inside of me
And I just want the world to see

If I had the chance then I could take the floor
And get what I've always craved
The love of one and millions more
Can anyone have too much love
Surrounded from below above
If the Lord can only weigh in,
Turn an ear to one girl's humble praying

[Chorus 2]
For something more
I'd give pieces of my heart away
To shake the core
Of anybody else who's lonely
And I wouldn't have to worry about
The bottom dollar
And I'd get to live my life in love
and technicolor
I just hope that I am destined for
Something more
I just hope that I am destined for
Something more

[Thanks to Chanel8861 for lyrics]

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