Pretty Woman the Musical - Rodeo Drive Lyrics

2018 Broadway
Pretty Woman the Musical - Rodeo Drive Lyrics

"Rodeo Drive" is a song from Pretty Woman the musical performed by Orfeh (Kit) and Company.

Would I ever give you bad advice?
Have I ever steered you wrong?
Oh, maybe I did once or twice
But now we're singin’ a different song

'Cause there ain't no limit on a platinum card
My god, the damage you could do
And he can’t afford, let's hit him hard
Just remember, it's all about you

With this kind of money, honey
We're gonna make his day
So start to make your way to him
Rodeo drive, baby
Yeah, yo

Black dress, white dress
Stay out all night dress
Trust me, you're gonna have some fun
Red shoes, blue shoes
If you make the right moves
He'll want to see you with your button undone

So get what you can, honey
'Cause there ain't nothin’ he won’t do
Come on, they're waitin’ for you, oh
Rodeo drive, baby

I always thought you deserved the best
Can't wait to see you in a classy dress
This is your moment, don't settle for less
You know you can't go wrong
You don’t belong on the boulevard
You're so much more than you think you are
Give Beverly Hills my regards
'Cause that's where you belong
Yeah, where you belong

There ain't much that he ain't got
And girl if I was you
I'd have a blast, I'd go for broke
Hey, what else do you gotta do?
So take what you can, honey
On times you're gonna wanna lie
They're gonna really go hot, hot, hot
Rodeo drive, baby
Rodeo drive, baby
Rodeo drive (rodeo drive)
Rodeo drive

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Rodeo Drive Lyrics from Pretty Woman the Musical

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