Pretty Woman the Musical - Something about Her (Preamble) Lyrics

2018 Broadway
Pretty Woman the Musical - Something about Her (Preamble) Lyrics

"Something about Her (Preamble)" is a song from Pretty Woman the musical performed by Andy Karl (Edward).

What the hell just happened?
She took me for a ride
She beat me at my own game
She cut me down to size
So now we gotta know her
I'm not sure what to do
Haven't got a clue

There's something about her
She's charming, there's no doubt
There's something about her
I don't know what it is
But I guess that I'll find out

Maps to the stars
Can't get where you wanna be without a map
It's all written in the stars
So come along, I'll meet you there
I can take you anywhere

Cause anything's possible
Welcome to the Beverly Wilshire Hotel

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Something about Her (Preamble) Lyrics from Pretty Woman the Musical

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