The Prom - Alyssa Greene Lyrics

2020 Netflix musical film
The Prom - Alyssa Greene Lyrics

Performed by Ariana DeBose.

You know what my mother's like.
She's a complete and total control freak

The hair has to be perfect
The A's have to be straight
You have to join the debate club
On that there's no debate
You'll have Bible camp each summer to keep you pure and clean
Endless rules apply when you're Alyssa Greene

Trophies have to be first place
Ribbons have to be blue
There's always some compеtition
Or hoops for jumping through
Your mom's made sacrifices so win Homecoming Queen
'Causе it's do or die when you're Alyssa Greene

And you wish there was a world
Where you were simply free to live
And when people criticized you
You had no more shits to give
And in this other lifetime when you tell yourself "be brave"
You won't cave
That's the one thing I truly crave

But your feelings have to be phony
Your weight has to be tracked
If you don't like shaking pom-poms
You'd better learn to act
Just have everything perfected
By the time you reach eighteen
Don't ask how or why when you're Alyssa Greene

Improve all of your strong points
And hide things that you lack
'Cause mom's convinced if you're perfect
Your father might come back
You're not yourself
You're not what she wants
You're someone in between
Your whole life's a lie when you're Alyssa Greene

You're not yourself
You're not what she wants
You're someone in between

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