Parade - I Am Trying to Remember... Lyrics

2023 Broadway revival
Parade the Musical - Interrogation: I Am Trying to Remember... Lyrics

I am tryin' to remember:
I was checkin' roun' the fact'ry.
And I went into the basement,
Down the stairs into the basement
And I shine my light around here,
In the corners and the ceiling,
And I'm 'bout to check the washroom
And my light, it kinda catches
On this pile of rags in the middle of the room

I ain't seen no pile o' rags there before,
So I go over and I kick it,
And I shine down my light and Lord,
Lord, ain't no pile of rags at all

This small white body
With her tongue stickin' out,
This pretty little child
With her eyes wide open

So I ran to the phone
And I called Mr Frank,
But the phone kep' ringin',
So I called y'all to help me---
Mr Frank, he didn't answer:
And that's all I can remember.

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I Am Trying to Remember Lyrics Parade

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