Rocky - I'm Done Lyrics

Broadway production (2014)
Rocky the Musical - I'm Done Lyrics

"I'm Done" is a song from Rocky the musical performed by Margo Seibert (Adrian).

All of the grief you put me through
And all of the times you lied.
All of the years you put me down
And all of the tears I cried.

I don't know how you made me feel
Like I was the guilty one,
But you somehow did it.

All of the nights I helped you up
From one of your wasted days.
I never heard a word of thanks
And never a word of praise.

All of this time I stayed with you
'Cause I was afraid to run,
And I always did it.

All the angry word's I've been holding back
Too afraid to ever say.
Like a weed that grows from a pavement crack,
Getting stepped on every day.

Like my mother did, and her mother too, what was that all for?
Well, Paulie, it’s not raining any more.

You say you gave me everything,
But none of it came for free
You say I owe you everything,
well, I say that you owe me!

Had enough storms to last my life,
Now that I’ve seen the sun.
And as of tonight, as of tonight...
I’m done, I’m done.
I’m done!

[Thanks to Leah for lyrics]

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I'm Done Lyrics Rocky Broadway musical

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