Rags Parkland - Stella Charlemagne (Beaux) Lyrics

2018 Off-Broadway
Rags Parkland Sings the Songs of The Future the Musical - Stella Charlemagne (Beaux) Lyrics

The song is written by Andrew R. Butler.

Stella Charlemagne
Has a phobia of rain
Has a face like freckled snow
Has a warm uncanny glow

Caught in a sudden storm
A kind man offers up his arm
His umbrella shields them both
From the eyes of passing ghosts

They fall in messy love
And buy a little robot dog
They move into a cozy room
But cannot make three of their two

And then one stormy afternoon she’s sitting with her beau
And a shadow turns up at the door with secrets to bestow
He says that he’s been tracking her for fifteen years or more
Stella Charlemagne
Ain’t what she thinks she is at all

Stella Charlemagne
Thought she had her mother’s name
But when the record’s checked
They find that she did not exist

And the tattered photographs
That had pinned her to the past
Are tragically revealed
To be much less than real

So she wonders who she is
If she isn’t really this
She wonders where she’ll go
Since the world doesn’t want her anymore

And the man she’s grown to trust
Now sees her with disgust
He breaks her metal heart

They take her back and take her apart
And now Stella Charlemagne
And her lace-like robot brain
Are sitting on a shelf
Makes you wonder about yourself

Rags Parkland Sings the Songs of The Future the Musical Lyrics
Stella Charlemagne (Beaux) Lyrics Rags Parkland

Rags Parkland Sings the Songs of The Future Lyrics

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