Sail Away - Come To Me Lyrics

1962 West End
Sail Away the Musical - Come To Me Lyrics

Composer and lyricist Noel Coward.

Thank the Lord,
Mimi Paragon's on board,
She can organize the horde
Of morons, we said morons
That we take abroad,
She will see that they're occupied
every moment of the day,
Keep the fatheads out of the way,
Hurray! Hurray! Hurray!
Give a cheer,
Mimi Paragon is here,
She will firmly commandeer
The dumb-clucks-we said dumb-clucks-
Till they're on their ear,
She will ride 'em till they qualify
for the psychopathic ward,
Hallelujah-thank the Lord,
Mimi Paragon's on board.

They christened me Mimi,
My tiny hand is frozen
But heaven forbid that I should shirk
The work that I have chosen,
To be a professional pepper-upper
Isn't everyone's cuppa tea
But I've wit and quile
And a big false smile
And the tourists rely on me.

That's quite, quite true,
They always do,
They're crazy about Mimi.

On the very first dreadful day
I stand them in line,

She stands them in line,

I keep them in line,

She keeps them in line,

I stand them in line and say:

If you're mad keen to be cultural
I'm the gal
With whom you should roam,
I can show you every ruin
from Jerusalem to Greece,
Also quite a few between Antibes and Nice,
If you can't live without antique pots
I'll find lots for you to take home,
If you long to take bad photographs
of classical debris
Come to me, come to me,
If you want to crouch in churches till
you've water on the knee
Come to me, poor fools-come to me.

She's terribly energetic,
She's so full of vim and zip,
If we hit a gale
And the turbines fail
She can easily drive the ship.

And if to play games is what you call fun
I'm the one
To keep you in form,
I can organize a treasure hunt
or even clockwork trains,
Anything to occupy four poor dim brains.
We've some fine backgammon boards on board
If the Lord should send us a storm,
If Canasta, Bridge or Bingo
are your kind of Jamboree
Come to me-come to me.
But if you want to play strip poker
with the girls in Cabin B
Come to me-dear boys-come to me-dear boys.

We will now have one fast chorus
of 'Beyond the Blue Horizon'.

(resume singing)
Come to me!
And if you feel lonely and need a pal
I'm the gal
To take you in tow.
If you're pining for affection
and a sympathetic friend
I've a large collection I can recommend.
If you want something discreetly planned
On this grand
And gracious bateau,
If you're basically frustrated
and a martyr to ennui
Come to me-come to me.
Or if you need a marijuana
or a quiet cup of tea
Come to me-lost lamb-
Come to me-lost lamb-come to me!

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Come To Me Lyrics Sail Away

Sail Away the Musical Lyrics

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