Superhero - SYNOPSIS

2019 Off-Broadway
Superhero the Musical - SYNOPSIS


Simon Bronson, a fifteen-year-old superhero-hero comic enthusiast, spends a lot of time on the fire escape of his building dreaming up stories and drawing superhero comics. He introduces the story with one of his comics ("Prologue/The Adventures of the Amazing Sea-Mariner"). Meanwhile, Charolette Bronson, Simon's mother laments on her son changing since his father, Charolette's husband Mitch, died in an accident two years ago. Simon won't even visit the gravesite and avoids talking to his mother ("What's Happening To My Boy?"). Simon has a discussion with his building's landlord, who tells him that a superhero always makes a triumphant return, which inspires the second issue of his comic of the Sea-Mariner. As he is on the fire escape writing this issue of his comic, he notices someone on the roof of the building who appears to disappear in a streak of light ("The Adventures of the Amazing Sea-Mariner (Reprised)/You Don't Know What I Know"). With a suspicion that whoever was on the building was a superhero and little actual knowledge of him, except that he was a bus driver and lived in his building, apartment 4-B, Simon asks his Mom about who the man was. Charlotte only met the man briefly when she was returning his mail, as his mail was sent to her address by mistake. Simon is suspicious of his shy manner, but Charlotte thought that he seemed "nice" ("The Man in 4-B"). Later at school, we meet Vee, the girl Simon has a crush on, but not the courage to talk to. Simon makes an effort to make a stand against a bully in her defense while drumming up superhero fantasies, when the bully faces him, he regrets his decision and panics. Vee stands up in Simon's defense instead, protecting him from the same bully he tried to protect her from ("I'll Save The Girl"). Charolette at home is folding laundry while lamenting her loneliness. In a passionate frenzy, she begins to cry while switching laundry batches in the laundry room, when she runs into Tim, the man in 4-B. Charlotte begins to think a lot about getting her life back in order and she begins to think more about Tim ("Laundry For Two"). The next song finds Tim and Charolette both reflecting on how to socialize again. Both have been in isolation, lonely, and hiding from society. They meet on a date and hit it off immediately because they both shared the longing to share their life with someone else. However, near the end of their date, Tim makes a sudden run for it for an unknown reason, confusing Charolette, while Simon watches and confirms his suspicions that there is something different about Tim ("How Do You Do This Again?/ You Don't Know What I Know (Reprise)")


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I'll Save The Girl
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