Adrian Mole - Now That I'm With You Lyrics

2019 West End
The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole Aged 13 3/4 the Musical - Now That I'm With You Lyrics

I never knew that you could be so deep,
When I hear your words I want to weep,
Nothing can compare, what you have is rare,
You′re the new "Voltaire".

ADRIAN: (spoken) Of course.

Suddenly my senses start to stir,
Suddenly my heart begins to whir,
And I think perhaps you'd feel it too,
If I were with you.

ADRIAN: (spoken)
What do you mean, with me? You′re right there!

PANDORA: (spoken)
No, Adrian. I mean as in your girlfriend.

ADRIAN: (spoken)
Oh, Wow. If you were my girlfriend...

I would write you poems every day,
Order you a pizza takeaway,
Take you to Paris, eat a lot of brie,
Like the bourgeoise.

PANDORA: (spoken)
Oh, darling that's lovely

I'll be there to walk you home from school,
Take you to the local swimming pool,
It′ll be amazing, Box, you′ll see,
If you were with me.

We could live in a house with a garden and pond,
Running a shelter for the poor,
We will fight for a cause that is worthy and true,

Marching the streets to stop the war!

We will restructure the NHS

Dress all the homeless in BHS

So much to do, I know I can do it with you
With you
With you

And when the world is cured of all disease,
When we stop the felling of the trees,

When I get the vote,

When I give a quote,

Everyone will listen.
We will be the saviours of the land,
Both of us together hand in hand
We will free Tibet from China too,
We could stage a coup,

Think of all the things that we could do

We will stop our school from serving stew,

Everything we wanted will come true,
Now that I'm with you

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Adrian Mole Now That I'm With You Lyrics

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