Shucked - Maybe Love Lyrics

2023 Broadway
Shucked the Musical - Maybe Love Lyrics

Music and lyrics by Brandy Clark and Shane McAnally.

Maybe love is something new
It just shows up out of the blue
Doesn't need all that much time
As long as you can make it rhyme

Maybe he is meant to last
Maybe Beau is just my past
And the reason I left home
Was more than just to fix the corn

Maybe love is like a seed
A little sun is all it needs
A little rain and so it goes
It grows and grows
And grows and rose from dust
Maybe love just needs a little love

Maybe love ain't how it looks
How it reads in all those books
I was just a little girl
'Til I saw a bigger world

Maybe love ain't what I thought
But maybe love is what I got
Had to leave to bring it here
What was cloudy is so clear all at once
Maybe love just needs a little love

Yeah, maybe love just needs a little love

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