Scarlet Pimpernel - Prayer Lyrics

Broadway 1997
Scarlet Pimpernel the Musical - Prayer Lyrics

No, stay...
I don't care what you've said or done.
Don't go away,
not now when life has just begun.
Come back
and be the woman who I knew.
Help me to believe in you!
What on earth am I to do?

She's gone,
this vision who was not quite real.
I must move on,
despite the pain. The pain will heal.
Oh, Lord!
How could you let me love like this?
No one dies upon a kiss,
and only fools believe in bliss.

And yes! God knows, I am a fool,
A man deluded by his wife,
a figure ripe for ridicule,
who's lived a vain and useless life.
So be it then! I'll play that game!
I do not give a tinker's dam!
I'll be a fool - it's all the same.
It truly doesn't matter what I am!

God, no!
I'm broken, but I'm still alive!
And slowly I will feel my soul revive.
With time I'll find a way to right this wrong,
if it takes my whole life long.
Lord, I'll fight my battles all alone,
but make me strong!

[Thanks to Anne for corrections]

Scarlet Pimpernel Musical Prayer Lyrics

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