Twelfth Night - Greatness Lyrics

2018 Public Works musical adaptation of Shakespeare's comedy
Twelfth Night the Musical - Greatness Lyrics

(Music & Lyrics by Shaina Taub)

I hate the dark
I’m not crazy
Is that a bat?!
Am I crazy?

I did exactly what she said to do
I should’ve known this was too good to be true
Is this what I get for doing everything right?
Is this my due?

If some are born great
And some achieve greatness
And some have greatness thrust upon them
Then I can’t help that I was born great!
I didn’t ask to be the best
Things would be much easier being average like the rest

No one’s ever understood me
It’s nothing really new
In middle school they locked me in a locker
Always picked me last in gym class soccer
I think everyone was scared because
Of how virtuous and smart I was
Cause my mom said:
‘don’t let the bullies get you down, malvolio.
You’re a very special boy, malvolio.
And someday they’ll all see
So why has no one realized my greatness but me?

They say I’m snobby
But I just have high standards for my precious time
Is that a crime?
They say I’m power hungry
But I’m just following my dream of rising strong
Is that so wrong?

They say I’m vain
But loving yourself is a healthy thing!

They say I’m strict
But someone’s got to keep things running!
I’m crazy, so they say

Well call me crazy,
But if being me is crazy
Then let them laugh away!

Yes, I was born great
And I will achieve greatness
And I won’t be afraid of my own fate
I’ll write them all a letter
Saying I deserve much better
And mom, I’ll make you proud, just you wait

Sometimes it’s lonely being great

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