Twelfth Night - Viola's Soliloquy Lyrics

2018 Public Works musical adaptation of Shakespeare's comedy
Twelfth Night the Musical - Viola's Soliloquy Lyrics

(Music & Lyrics by Shaina Taub)

What the...? My lord never gave her a ring
So then, why’s she giving me a ring? ...Oh no.

What could olivia see in me? In cesario?
Does cesario have something I didn’t have before?
And what do I see in orsino?
He’s selfish, depressed and clearly obsessed with olivia!
But he’s so damn dreamy
And passionate too

My brother is the one who always gets the girl
And I’m the girl who’s never had a chance to get the guy
But now that I’m wearing the pants
I’m in love with the guy
And the girl loves me
When they look, who do they see?

Oh disguise, you are the devil’s blessing
You’ve cast me in this strange new role
Is this costume getting me wrong
Or letting loose what’s been in me all along?
Do these clothes conceal or reveal my soul?
Oh disguise, which of us is in control?

My brother is the one who everybody eyes
I never understood it, cause he barely tries
But now that i’ve walked miles in his shoes
I finally see why he never seems to lose!

I feel so seen as a guy
People move aside when I walk by
I felt so veiled as a girl
Invisible to the world
It was always ‘look, don’t touch’
No it didn’t suit me much
Why has this power in me never been given a chance?
Is it as simple as putting on a pair of pants?
Oh disguise, you are the devil’s blessing
You’ve cast me in this wild new role
Does this freshly fearless skin
Fit me better than the one I’ve been in?
Am I finally shedding a well-worn shawl?
Am I more myself now that i’m not myself at all?

If I’m a girl again
Would he care what I have to say anymore?
Or would I just be a prize for him to win?
Would I even be a woman he’d adore?
Would I be enough in my own skin?

Or was the old me only a costume too?
Who am I besides how I look to you?
Who am I besides how I look to you?
Who am I?

Oh disguise you are the devil’s blessing
You’ve left me undressed and second-guessing how
I’ve seen myself from both sides now
Is it half of each bringing love my way?
Oh disguise

Maybe just one more day

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