VIOLET - Anyone Would Do Lyrics

Broadway 2014
Violet the Musical - Anyone Would Do Lyrics

Hey there, soldiers, how are you?
She's got two and I got none
And right now anyone would do

FLICK: (spoken)
Forget about Elvis. Memphis is Beale Street,
and Beale Street is the blues!

MONTY: (spoken)
How's the bed? Comfy?

VIOLET: (spoken)
As a roll of fence wire

ALMETA: (spoken)
It wasn't made to be stood on, miss.
Flick, have you seen the new ice machine?

FLICK: (spoken)
Down the hall, right?

ALMETA: (spoken)
Let me show you… Whatsamatter, you crazy?
This ain't New York City,
and if anybody finds out about that gal there's gonna be trouble

FLICK: (spoken)
Almeta, come on now. Look at her. Ain't nobody gonna think nothin'

ALMETA: (spoken)
I don't care if that scar goes from here to her hush puppy,
she's still white. Alright.
They can stay the night,
but don't you ever bring that gal back here again

VIOLET: (spoken)
Maybe this was a bad idea

MONTY: (spoken)
Naaah. You wash up, come on down the hall,
we'll go get throw-a-baby-to-the-hogs drunk.
Do sump'n you can write about in that book of yours

How'd I get to be so blue?
Seems I don't have anyone
When right now anyone would do

Raise your foot now that's the way
You'll be movin' on today
Raise the other, put it down

Violet the Musical Anyone Would Do Lyrics

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