VIOLET - M&Ms Lyrics

Broadway 2014
Violet the Musical - M&Ms Lyrics

BUS DRIVER: (spoken)
Kingsport, Tennessee. Twenty minute rest stop.
Anybody not back on the bus in 20 minutes won't be going on to Memphis;
not today

M&M's, Good & Plenty
Stretch your legs and grab some Cokes
Have a Tootsie Roll, or twenty
Get another pack'a smokes
Apple cobbler, a la mode
Cup'a coffee for the road?
I'll have some coffee for the road

FLICK: (spoken)
You're at Fort Smith?

MONTY: (spoken)

FLICK: (spoken)
'Swhere I'm headed. Come on, let's grab a table.
Lady, what is it you want?

VIOLET: (spoken)
To play. Long as it's a legal deal. I get mad if I'm cheated

FLICK: (spoken)
And mean when you're mad. I'm Grady Fliggins and they call me Flick

VIOLET: (spoken)
I'm Violet Karl. Spruce Pine

MONTY: (spoken)
I'm Monty Harrill. From near to Raleigh

VIOLET: (spoken)
Why don't we play straight draw poker?

FATHER: (spoken)
My God, Violet. You're failing math.
At your school? That ain't easy

YOUNG VI: (spoken)
The teacher makes us do our figures on the board

FATHER: (spoken)

YOUNG VI: (spoken)
So I have to walk past a row of boys to get to it

FATHER: (spoken)
Oh. Gimme that money you got saved from picking galax

YOUNG VI: (spoken)
No Papa, that's my money! I earned it!

FATHER: (spoken)
We're gonna play some draw poker.
It'll learn you to add and subtract.
And poker'll give you something to do with the boys,
when the time comes for that.
So, what's gonna win?

Violet the musical M&Ms Lyrics

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