The View UpStairs - Waltz (Endless Night) Lyrics

2017 Off-Broadway
The View UpStairs the Musical - Waltz (Endless Night) Lyrics

Once, when I was young
It sounds cliché
I dreamed I'd buy a rocket ship and soar up to the stars someday
Fly to galaxies far away

I grew up in a town
Small, about three hours from here
A place where people look and think the same and astronauts do not appear ok
I'll find a new game to play

[Terror endless?] on the lazy afternoons where I learned how to kiss
And he made me understand what my body was for
"And we'll have lots of fun", he said
"But you can't tell anyone."

Our game came to an end
His father sent him away
With the plan; fry the fairy out of him and he'll come back a man, more or less
The doctor guaranteed success

But to everyone's surprise
Tom never spoke again
He just stares at the wall
When our family gathers round on holidays they all pretend it's ok
'He's better off this way.'

But I'd rather die than end up like him going dead in the eye
And it was only a matter of time
Before they try to fix me the same way

Packed up my life in one bag
And I haven't been back

Being a little too free
It's not always glamorous
But you learn how to survive
Life presses on
You create little stories to keep your heart alive

Why get too hung up on the past
When you can tip rewind
Hope when I look back
I can smile and say it was worth it all to find
A love of my own some day
That can't be taken away

And if one day, I have the money
A rocket ship's not what I'll buy
Because I know better now
There's no more stars left in the sky
Just endless night

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