The View UpStairs - What I Did Today Lyrics

2017 Off-Broadway
The View UpStairs the Musical - What I Did Today Lyrics

Today I climbed the tallest tree in City Park
Then squawked at three old ladies strolling by
Then I ran to Congo Square where jazz perfumed the air
Got my palm read by a voodoo priest with a glass eye, today

He said I'd been a hero in another life
My adventures had inspired songs and poetry
Then smiled as if to say I had good juju heading my way
But he wouldn't take my money
He just winked a waved goodbye, today

I jumped into the bayou with no clothing on
Found gold hidden beneath the muddy floor
I cleaned up with a cocktail at Hotel Monteleone
Ran up a thousand dollar tab
Then walked right out the door, today

Today I climbed the tallest tree in City Park
Got a twenty dollar ticket from a cop
There was jazz in Congo Square
But the voodoo priest wasn't there
I tried to sing along
But then got asked to stop, today

The summer heat beats down like hellfire
So I swam to the shallow depths of the plastic pool
Where there's no gold
Not even a little bit
And it's true, they know me pretty well at Hotel Monteleone
Because I'm on a list that says 'do not admit'

But just when I was ready to write off today
I met a boy who seemed a little bit like me
A pretty boy who had the most distinguished nose
It was a little strange because
He did not know what year it was
But I thought, this day ain't over yet
Let's see where the night goes
Ain't it funny how fast a day can change
Funny how fast

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The View UpStairs lyrics What I Did Today