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Vanities the Musical - Fly Into the Future Lyrics

"Fly Into the Future" is a song from Vanities the musical performed by Lauren Kennedy (Mary).

There she goes again
Look at Chatty Kathy
Keeping track of life with her paper and pen

Then there's poor Joanne
Desperate to marry
Bringing up her wedding again and again

This would be my world
This is what I'm in for
Years of planning parties and being a wife

Sing song
Lime green
I don't want to be mean but this isn't my scene
And I feel like I need something bigger
From life

Growing up was stifling cause I was never free
School is getting stale and I'm sick of this sorority
Think I need some distance a place to disappear

So it's adios and away I go
And I'm kind of scared but the moments here to
Fly into the future
Gonna roll gonna ride so that no one can find me
I'm flying into the future
Moving on with my life and leaving all this behind me

Free from textbooks, free from Texas,
Free from folks who give me flack
I'm gonna fly into the future
Time to fly
And I'll never look back

I could grab my pencil and make some little plan
I could be a housewife and settle down to serve a man
I could take a job with my Bachelor's Degree
But I think I'll go to the Colosseum
And take some bachelors home with me and

Fly into the future
Where there's no one to boss me or judge how I'm living
There's only me and my future
Plus a couple Italian boys who like what I'm giving
No commitment, no conditions,
No connections that can last

Not when I fly into the future
Once I fly
I'll be through with my past

Mama is a coward
Mama is a drunk
Mama sleeps with Howard when she gets in a funk

Howard's kinda creepy
Howard's kinda crude
Howard's really fat and walks around in the nude

Dad ran off with Julie
Mama hates his guts
He's okay but truly my whole family is nuts

Mama doesn't like me
I don't even try which is why
I just gotta say goodbye and fly into the future

I'll be up in the sky soon as Braniff can take me
And fly me into the future
Where the freedom I find is gonna make me or break me

No restrictions, No relations, No ridiculous demands
Watch Mary fly into the future
Watch her fly
See her fly
And we'll see where she lands
And we'll see where she lands
And we'll see where she lands.

[Thanks to Sofia Gonzalez for lyrics]

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