Working - A Very Good Day Lyrics

2012 Revised Version
Working the Musical - A Very Good Day Lyrics

He had a very good day today
We went down to the senior center just a mile away
Some days, he only wants to stay at home
But on Tuesdays, they play music and they dance
You should've seen him dance!
They were playing Spanish music
He's a hand, he likes to make the nurses smile
Some days, he can't remember who I am
But today, he was lucid for a little while
Through it all, I take his pulse, I change his clothes
Where are his children? Heaven knows...
It doesn't pay much, but I get through
Because I do the work that no one else will do...
She had a very good day today
We went to a nearby park
Where she likes to play
She's only five, but she can do it all
And today, we took her scooter for a ride
You should've seen her glide!
And I was terrified
I spent the afternoon just running by her side
The sun came down, and the I took her home
Her parents work late
I tuck her in each night
And I sing...
Mahal kita
Minamahal kita
Mahal na mahal kita
'Til she's asleep
She says, "I love you,"
And I love her too
While I do all the work her mother doesn't do...
I have a family of my own
I have daughter back at home
I send whatever I can spare
With no one singing her to sleep
And sometimes I close my eyes and imagine I am there...
(Mahal kita)
(Minamahal kita)
Hasta la madrugada
(Mahal kita)
He had a very good day today
(Mina mahal kita)
We went down to the senior center
(Mahal na mahal kita)
Just a mile away (Mahal kita)
One day, my dreams are gonna all come true
For now, I do what no one wants to do
For now, I do what no one wants to do

[Thanks to Ashen S for the lyrics]

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