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2012 Revised Version
Working the Musical - Joe Lyrics

JOE, sung (JOE, spoken)
You wake at ten
Fold up the bed
(You don't wanna leave the couch open all day.
It's depressing.)
You cook an egg
You toast some bread
(You cook for yourself, you save a bundle.
If you don't keep track of your money, who will?)
You think about
The day ahead
(You don't go feeling sorry for yourself)
It's like I said
(You can stay home and be mad
at the world or you can get out and do things!)
You take a walk
You meet a chum
(This one guy lives over by National Biscuit.
Boy, you should see the nice aroma!)
You shoot the bull
You argue some
(And maybe he calls up a couple of other guys
to come over, play some poker...)
You lose at gin
Until they come
(This guy remembers what cards you picked up!)
The dirty bum!
(But even getting beat at gin beats doing nothing.)
You take a bus
You take a train
(You go to visit your wife's grave.
On the way, you read "The Reader's Digest.")
It does you good
To use your brain
(Or maybe you go out and see your cousin.
You bring a six pack over, huh?)
You's take a stroll
Down memory lane
(When we were young, we was always together)
And raising Cain
(We go back a long way, him and me.
Oh the times we had!)
I remember once back in '62
We were at this fair with these girls we knew
On this crazy ride where you screamed or you prayed
(The Big Dipper, they called it!)
We could hardly walk as we left the car
So we staggered down for a candy bar
And we sat and laughed at the penny arcade!
At six o'clock
You watch the news
(Them politicians make you so mad
you throw your slippers at the set.)
You cook some franks
No big to-dos
(Most nights you lay around,
You straighten up, maybe you call your daughter.)
You watch the game
You take a snooze
(But then there's Sunday. Sunday's different.)
You change your shirt
And shine your shoes
('Cause you're going around the block to the tavern!)
You shoot some pool
You drink some beer
(You don't need to drink a lot to have a good time.
Maybe three, four in an evening?)
You find a pal
You bend his ear
(You meet a lot of the old crowd there on Sundays.
Sometimes a bunch of you sing!)
The kind of song
You never hear
(Like "Stardust," or "In the Mood.")
And then you cheer!
(Last Sunday, we sang "'Till We Meet Again."
Believe it or not, I once did a waltz to that tune!)
It was at a dance, I was seventeen
And the girl was like from a magazine
And the lights were low, and I really mean low
(I think a couple of my friends had something to do with that.)
And I kissed her cheek as we waltzed away
I remember like it was yesterday!
Boy, was she surprised.
I can hear her say...
They drive you home
From 'round the block
You take your cash
Out of your sock
You fix the bed
You check the lock
You wind the clock...

[Thanks to Ashen S for the lyrics]

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