Yank! - Just True Lyrics

Off-Broadway production (2005)
Yank! the musical - Just True Lyrics

Don't run away Mitch
You can't outrun this
Run from me if you feel you have to...
You can't run from you

Don't you see?
What he have... is special
What we are is not

We're two of thousands
Hundreds of thousands
I'm surprised as you
It isn't something good... or bad...
Just true

Listen Mitch
We're in a battle we never planned
But we're together
Fighting together, that's what people do
Which isn't right or wrong
Just something true

No going back, not now
Too many know to go back and hide
To go back in disguise
Hundreds of thousands
Who felt lost and alone before
Have found each other in the war
Now we're wise
The freaks are us
Us regular guys!

You can't unlearn what you know is true
I'm glad they see us
If they can see us means that we can too
They'll have to understand
We've earned our due
And that's just true
Just true

[Thanks to John for lyrics]

Yank! the Musical Just True Lyrics

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