Almost Famous - Something Real Lyrics

2022 Broadway
Almost Famous the Musical - Something Real Lyrics

The song is written by Tom Kitt & Cameron Crowe.

That shit that just went boom
That wasn’t real

It seemed pretty real to me!

The fuckers in that room
They aren’t real

Listen, I have to finish the interview
So I can go home tomorrow!

This band’s about to blow up
Time to grow up, my friend
‘Cause magazines
And T-Shirts don’t mean shit in the end!
I don’t want more adulation
I need something I can feel
Please, give me something real

Oh, man, it’s so easy to talk with you!
I mean, you know all about us, and I don’t …
I don’t know shit about you!
What’s your family like? Tell me!

Well, my sister and my mother don’t speak (Okay)
And my dad died of a heart attack
And there’s an empty chair
That we keep at the table in his honor
(Okay, that’s good, that’s enough)
It feels really good to talk about it!

I’m ready
Ask me anything!

Woah! You’re Russell from Stillwater!
Hey, do you wanna go
To a party at my friend Aaron’s house?
I know you’re a big rockstar, but …
You wanna hang out with some good people
Just lookin’ to have a good time?
We’re just real Topeka people, man

Real Topeka people! Let’s get real!

Oh, she’s a killer machine
Sheke got everything
I love her, I need her
I bleed her

Yeah, she turns me on
She’s my highway star!

Hey man, I’m Aaron!
You’re in my house!

You, Aaron, you are real
Your room is real
Your friends are real

Heh! You wanna see my snake at a mouse?

Yes, Aaron, that would be real!
(Yes, that would be real)
Really real
That mousey meal (Real)
So real! (So real)

Thanks, man, this is my brother, Marlin

Dude, can I have your belt?

Yes, Marlin, the belt is yours
It will live here (It will live here)
Can I live here?
Where it’s real

You can take the sofa?

Don’t sing, Marlin
But you know what I dig about you?

I’m real?

I wanna eat your real food
And live in your real city
And swim in your real swimming pool, and—
And fucking rock like I used to!

Woah, he’s a killer machine
He’s got every—

You are more beautiful in person

You are more person than beautiful
And your person is beautiful
How’s that for real?

Oh, wow, thank you!

Thank you for thanking me
And now I wanna thank you with what’s real

So, there’s acid in the beer in the red cups

The red cup or the white cup?
Which one’s more real?

We should call Dick

Topeka, check it out!

Please, do not give him any more acid!

Let’s go swimming!

Dick! He’s okay
He is on acid, though!
How do you know when it’s kicked in?

I am a Golden God! (Yeah!)

I am a Golden God
A deity that can soar among the birds!

Don’t jump, okay?

And you can all tell Rolling Stone
“I heard Russell Hammond’s final words!”
I’m on drugs!

I think we should work on those last words!


No, I’m not a critic, I just—

Wait, I got it, I got it, this is better
Last words
I dig music!

That’s … better?

I’m on drugs!

Just come on down

I won’t come down
I can’t come down
I’ll never ever, ever ever
Ever ever, ever come down!
(Down, down, down!)

On second thought …


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