Regency Rakes Lyrics

1934 West End and Broadway
Conversation Piece the Musical - Regency Rakes Lyrics

Music and lyrics by Noël Coward.

You may think
Looking at the four of us
Food and drink
Constitute the core of us.
That tnay be,
But still you'll see
Our names on posterity's page.

You will read
Histories galore of us
Strutting England's stage.
We represent
To a certain extent
The ineffable scent
Of our Age.

(Refrain: 1)
We’re Regency Rakes
And each of us takes
A personal pride
In the thickness of hide
Which prevents us from seeing
How vulgar we’re being
Without making us wince.
We're ruthless and rude
And boast of a crude
And lordly disdain
Both for mind and for brain.
Tho* obtuse and slow-witted.
We’re not to be pitied,
For we follow the Prince

Every orgy
With our Georgie
Lasts till dawn without a lull.

We can venture
Without censure
To be noisy, drunk, and dull!

We revel in Sport,
Madeira, and Port,
And when we pass out
With Sclerosis and Gout,
All our children will rue our mistakes,
Roystering Regency Rakes.

(Refrain: 2)
We’re Regency Rakes
And each of us makes
A personal issue
Of adipose tissue
But still notwithstanding,
Our stomachs expanding.
We all yearn for romance.

We frequently start
Affairs of the heart.
Sublimely unheeding
That long over-feeding
Has made so disgusting
Our loving or lusting
That girls eye us askance,

Tho’ we wonder
As we blunder
Into this or that bordel.

Whom we know there.
Why we go there,
But we’re far too drunk to tell

Tho’ over-jocose.
Unfunny and gross,
We don’t lose a fraction
Of self-satisfaction.
Complacency never forsakes
Roystering Regency Rakes
Roystering Regency Rakes

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Conversation Piece the Musical Lyrics

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