Moon, Emmie and Stuart Trio Lyrics

Caroline, or Change the Musical - Moon, Emmie and Stuart Trio Lyrics

Dona, dona,

All alone, all alone?

To him I have grown as remote as Tibet.
The bigger he grows, the stranger we get.
Gone are the days of our simple duet:
His piccolo piping, my bass clarinet;
All gone, nothing left but a note of regret.
Never oh never oh never forget her,
Never forget her oh never forget.

Dona, dona?

Look, see Rose's husband,
Gone stiff in mid-air,
The heartbroke musician
Who froze on the stair.
Oh Stu do you love me?
The question's unfair:
How can you be loved by
Someone who's not there?

Can't go up to see him, I'll only upset
My sad little son; but I can't go down yet.
She needs from me things that I cannot provide:
Conversation, support, and a heart those all died.
I'll stand here 8 days till the last candle's burned,
And the guests and the maid and poor Rose have returned
To wherever they came from. Till Noah has grown,
He and I will live here, in this house, all alone,
And I'll say to him Noah, the moon shone so bright
When she played her bassoon that last Chanukah night.
Oh do you remember? the way that is shone?
On the house,
On the three of us here,
All alone?
All alone?

Dona, dona?

And I live in my house,
And I'll make it OK, by myself, all alone.

Mama I'm sorry
I called you a maid.

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