1943 American musical comedy film
Du Barry Was a Lady - PLOT

Nightclub singer May Daly turns the heads of many men, including coatroom attendant Louis Blore and master of ceremonies Alec Howe. While May is in love with Alec, she persists in holding out for a wealthy husband due to her poor upbringing. After portraying Madame Du Barry for a musical number, Alec confesses his love for her by singing a song. However, she rejects his advances for the rich, haughty Willie. After an attendant spills a salad over his jacket, she cancels their plans to attend a party and goes home on the subway with Louis. While on the train, her view of marrying for money is challenged by Louis and an elderly woman.

The following day, a telegram arrives to inform Louis he is the winner of a prize of $150,000 in the Irish Sweepstakes. He immediately declares his love for May, who is teased by Alec that she now has no reason to stay with Willie and avoid Louis. However, he is furious upon discovering May intends on marrying him due to his newfound wealth. When May tells Louis she only plans to marry him due to his money, he is seemingly content with this.

After accidentally swallowing a drugged drink, Louis falls into a deep sleep and dreams that he is King Louis XV at Versailles. May is Madame Du Barry, Alec is the Robin Hood-like Black Arrow, Willie is the Duc de Rigor, and nightclub waiter Charlie is the Dauphin.

Louis is dumbfounded at first by the scene but soon becomes accustomed to it, as he is seduced by the prestige and privilege of being King. When he goes to visit Du Barry at her palace, he finds her scolding royal guards for failing to find the Black Arrow, who has threatened her life. However, she is more interested in the chase of him, as she cannot bring herself to call the guards when she finds him hiding in her bedroom. While the guards chase him off the property, Louis falls over a cliffside.

Du Barry infiltrates a tavern meeting held by the Black Arrow. The outlaw incites the angry peasantry to overthrow the King due to his and Du Barry's greediness, unwittingly seducing Du Barry in the process. Louis, who has been camping out as his clothing dries, becomes caught up in marching with the Black Arrow's mob. However, the royal soldiers capture the Black Arrow and the mob.

Under the influence of his court, Louis sentences the Black Arrow to death by the guillotine. During the sentencing, Louis is shot with an arrow by his son, which becomes stuck in his back. Du Barry begs Louis to spare the Black Arrow, confessing to him that she loves him. He agrees to do so, but is stopped by Rigor, who wants to woo Du Barry himself. Rigor challenges Louis to a sword fight as Du Barry goes to be beside the Black Arrow.

As Louis appears to be losing the sword fight, he awakens from the dream to find himself being comforted by another club singer, Ginny, who has been aggressive in her romantic pursuit of him. Louis tries to convince May and Alec to wed, only to find that May has changed her mind about money's importance and decided to marry Alec anyway. As they reject Louis' attempts to give them a wedding gift of $10,000, a tax collector arrives to demand that Louis pay him the remaining $80,000 in tax on the winnings.

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Du Barry Was a Lady

Du Barry Was A Lady
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