Cliff Edwards - Nobody But You Lyrics

1929 American musical film
The Hollywood Revue of 1929 - Nobody But You Lyrics

Lyrics by Joe Goodwin. Music by Gus Edwards. Sung by Cliff Edwards.

Some folks want a doctor
When they're out sorts
Some folks want a lot of fun
And some are fond of sports
But all I want sweet-heart is only you;
I don't want a tonic want no change of air
I'll find heaven any place
As long as you are there
Sweet-heart just you
Sweet-heart you'll do.

Who can bring the breath of Spring
Who can make the song birds sing
Nobody, nobody but you
Who can brighten darkened skies
Who can dry my tear dimmed eyes
Nobody, nobody but you

And when I'm lonely and weary,
And everything goes wrong
Who is it only that's cheery
Who puts the gladness in my song
Who can bring the sun-shine where
There's been darkness and despair
Nobody, nobody but you.


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