King Kong the Musical - A Simple Prayer Lyrics

2013 Melbourne production
King Kong the Musical - A Simple Prayer Lyrics

Music by Marius de Vries with lyrics by Daniel Kramer, Michael Mitnick, Marius de Vries. Performed by Ann Darrow.

Subways roll beneath my feet
Buildings scrape the skies above
Snowflakes fall but I cannot move
Is this some kind of dream?
I got the love of a man so perfect and true
A new life can begin, if I choose.
But I sat on top of the world
Held in a hand of a god
And it all seemed clear and new.

Help me, please.
Tell me what do I do
I’ve seen the devil in man
I’ve seen an angel too
But he saved my life
He stood for me

Now I’m praying to you
Tell me what happens now,
Tell me how
Coz I just don’t know, at all!

Oh, I wanna run, but I’m frozen inside
And my heart’s racing out of control
And the thought that is raging inside of my soul (?)
Set him free

It’s a simple prayer, hmm.
If you’re out there somewhere
It’s my turn to stand
Please, show me the way.

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A Simple Prayer lyrics from King Kong the Musical

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