King Kong the Musical - Rise Lyrics

2013 Melbourne production
King Kong the Musical - Rise Lyrics

"Rise" is a song performed by Cassandra and Company.

A field of grass,
One brick is laid.
What comes to pass?
A home is made.
More bricks laid down,
Before our eyes.
Now there's a time,
we watch it rise.

A modest needing,
A tiny cast.
Give into greed,
And all is lost.
A city born,
It grows in size.
The prophets warn:
"Beware the skies"

Rise, Rise, Rise
Rise, Rise

When seasons turn,
And buildings soar.
When children learn
To ask for more.
What once was true,
Is far true lies.
But what of you?
You watch it rise.

Rise, Rise, Rise
Rise, Rise

All the king's horses
Ride on to new land.
What do you know,
The Kingdom expands.
Then all the King's men
Will knock this from the road.
There come the armies,
There come the armies,
There come the armies,
And the Empire falls!

Rise, Rise, Rise
Rise, Rise, Rise
We watch it rise, rise
And fall! And fall! And fall!

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Rise lyrics from King Kong the Musical

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