King Kong - Full Moon Lullaby Lyrics

2018 Broadway
King Kong the Musical - Full Moon Lullaby Lyrics

Silence overtaking, darkness overhead
Shadows now are waking monsters in the bed
Bitter hearts are aching, heaven knows just why
But look the clouds are breaking, full moon lullaby

Full moon, full moon wash it all away, wash it all away
Let the night surround you, gently close your eyes
Now the moon has found you,
Watching from the skies
Troubles fade around you, dreams they start to fly
Now sweet sleep has crowned you, full moon lullaby

Full moon wash it all away
Full moon, full moon wash it all away, full moon

I can't believe that I survived
So many questions in my mind
I'm asking but there's no reply
This miracle it leaves me wondering
Why do I feel so alive
Right here at the top of the sky
So much more that I've yet to find
It's like he knows me

He fought for me he's shown me
A strength I didn't know was inside
That I'll carry for the rest of my life
It's time to say goodbye

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Full Moon Lullaby lyrics from King Kong the Musical

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