What Happens Now? Lyrics

Song from musical "Love Story" is written by Stephen Clark and Howard Goodall
Love Story the Musical - What Happens Now? Lyrics

What happens now?
We can never be the same
The ripples start to spread
For now it's spoken
It can never be unsaid

What happens now?
Now it's far more than a game
For now he said the word
The spell is broken
It can never be unheard

So much to lose
If we turn away from this
Just another parting kiss
Who have we been?

So far to fall
All the dreams that kept me strong
Was I childish, was I wrong?
What does this mean?

OLIVER: Too many feelings to suppress

JENNY: Too many hopes to second guess

OLIVER: Too many days we've yet to meet

JENNY: And what if I say yes?

OLIVER: So much inside I've still to show

JENNY: I've dreamed too much to let him go

OLIVER: It's only cowards that retreat

JENNY: And what if I say no?

When we look back
To the moment when we chose,
To the door we couldn't close
What will we see?
When we look back
To the placing of the bets
To the risking of regrets
Who will we be?

OLIVER: What happens now?

JENNY: The answer's yes.

OLIVER: What happens now?

JENNY: We buy the dress

OLIVER: But when and how?

JENNY: A summer's day, a simple vow

BOTH: What happens now?

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What Happens Now? lyrics from Love Story the musical