Noël Coward - Try to Learn to Love Lyrics

The English playwright, actor, singer and songwriter
Noël Coward - Try to Learn to Love Lyrics

This is the song from "This Year of Grace the musical".

In kindergartens
In country or town
Our education begins
Like little Spartans
We're taught to crush down
The inclination to sin.
When we change to gentle adolescence
Things get rather strained.
There's a strange, peculiar effervescence
No one has explained.

(Refrain 1:)
First you learn to spell a little bit,
Then, if you excel a little bit,
Other things as well a little bit
Come your way;
Though the process may be slow to you
Knowledge of the world will flow to you.
Steadily you grow a little bit,
Day by day;
Though you're too gentle, sentimental
In fact, quite a dreary bore,
Though you're too gentle, sentimental
In fact, quite a dreary bore,
Though you're aesthetic, apathetic,
To all men but Bernard Shaw,
Use the velvet glove a little bit,
Emulate a dove a little
Try to learn to love a little bit more.

The art of wooing,
I'm firmly resolved
For men is terribly crude.
To be pursuing
Is not so involved
As having to be pursued.
Doubts and fears
Make woman work much faster
Tho' they're frail and weak
Taking years
Successfully to master
Feminine technique.

(Refrain 2:)
First you droop your eyes - a little bit,
Then if you are wise - a little bit

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Try to Learn to Love Lyrics Noel Coward

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