Newsies - That's Rich Lyrics

Broadway production 2012
Newsies the Musical - That's Rich Lyrics

I'm doing alright for myself folks: I'm healthy, I'm wealthy, I'm wise.
My investments and such have all gone up so much- seems whatever I touch starts to rise.
I've got men, I've got money, and yet the thing I want most...
I can't get.

I live in a mansion on Long Island sound.
I pulled up a weed , they found oil in the ground.
But you telling me you don't want me around- now, honey, that's rich.
Some guys give me diamonds as big as a sink,
But you wouldn't give me as much as a wink- now, baby, that's rich.

I get brandy from Andy and candy from Scott.
Oh, and Frank and Eduardo chipped in for a yacht.
I get stares from the fellas and prayers from the pope,
But I ran out my luck getting stuck on some dope!

(spoken) Hey baby, I was just talking about you.

Now, listen, sport,this life's too short to waste it on you.
It may be rough, but soon enough I'll learn to make do with the mansion, the oil well,
the diamonds, the yacht, with Andy, Eduardo, the Pontiff and Scott and Frank.
And my bank!
So spill no tears for me, 'cause there's one thing you ain't
that I'll always be, and honey, yeah, that's right, that's rich!
That's rich!
That's rich!
That's rich!

[Thanks to Jacques for lyrics]
[Thanks to Brooke Weldon for corrections]

Newsies the Musical That's Rich Song Lyrics

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