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Broadway 2016
Natasha Pierre & The Great Comet of 1812 the Musical - Pierre & Andrey Lyrics

(Pierre visits Andrey)

Well, how are you?
Still getting stouter?

There's a new wrinkle
On your forehead old friend

It's good to see you
It's been way too long

My friend, you are in need
Your face is gloomy

No, I am well
There's a war going on

Forgive me for troubling you;
I have received a refusal from Countess Rostova
and have heard reports of your brother-in-law having sought her hand,
or something of that kind

Here are her letters
Please give them to the Countess

Natasha is ill
She has been at death's door

I much regret her illness

And he smiled like his father
Coldly, maliciously

Well, it doesn't matter

You told me once
A fallen woman should be forgiven

But I didn't say that I could forgive
I can't

Yes, ask her hand again, be magnanimous, and so on?
Yes, that would be very noble
But I can't be that man
If you wish to be my friend
Never speak of that again

Well, goodbye

(Pierre takes the letters to Natasha)

[Thanks to Darci Faye for lyrics]

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Pierre & Andrey Lyrics Natasha Pierre & The Great Comet of 1812 lyrics