Pretty Woman the Musical - This Is My Life Lyrics

2018 Broadway
Pretty Woman the Musical - This Is My Life Lyrics

"This Is My Life" is a song from Pretty Woman the musical performed by Samantha Barks (Vivian).

The first guy I loved was a loser
The second guy was even worse
If there was a bomb within fifty miles
I was drawn to him like a curse

I'd follow bomb number three to LA
He left me there on my own
So there I was: no friends, no money
Too ashamed to go home
This is my life
Take a look at my life

I worked at a couple of fast food joints
I parked cars, did whatever I could
That’s when I met Kit, she worked the street
She made it sound so good
So one day I did it, I cried the whole time
I was comin' apart at the seams
It's not like anybody plans it
No, it wasn’t my childhood dream
This is my life
Take a look at my life

Ain't it funny how the bad stuff
Is so easy to believe
You know, it wears you down
And some days it really hurts
If you really wanna know me
My heart's here on my sleeve
I'm so tired of lettin' everybody else but me
Define a woman's world
This is my life
The story of my life

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This Is My Life Lyrics from Pretty Woman the Musical

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