Rose Marie - Totem Tom-Tom Lyrics

1924 Broadway
Rose Marie the Musical - Totem Tom-Tom Lyrics

The song was written by Rudolf Friml, Otto Harbach and Oscar Hammerstein II.

Long ago here used to be a tribe
Of Indian smarties throwing their parties here.
Long ago, you used to see
A wild young maiden in copper
Dance with her popper dear
In the shadow of the totem pole here
In the shadow of the totem pole
All night long they'd skip and prance
Like birds on wing they'd float-um
Call it the Totem dance.

When my grandpa Chief Chickeekotem
Took grandma out to a totem
Totem tom-tom, totem tom-tom
When they moved their feet very blue like
The drum would beat tattoo like
Totem tom-tom, totem tom-tom.
Then pretty soon each Injun
Was singin'
His throat with firewater gin-gin
And faster and faster round the totem they flew!
But later on, all tired and sleepy
They'd go back home to their teepee
Totem tom-tom, totem tom-tom.

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Rose Marie the Musical Lyrics

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