Ride - Ride Lyrics

2023 West End
Ride the Musical - Ride Lyrics

Written by Freya Catrin Smith and Jack Williams. Performed by Liv Andrusier.

ANNIE: (spoken)
I need to tell you about
A little friend of mine

It's just arrived on the scene
A new miraculous spectacular,
Pedal-power cycle machine.
Why not take one for a spin?

It's the latest craze!
You could get from Massachusetts to Ohio,
In a matter of days.
So let the getaway begin,
Don't be deterred...

It's construction's far from random
With every part working in tandem
You'll be riding like a pro!
No need for chaperones
It's you who sets the pacе,
Let's liven up the human racе!

On your marks,
Get ready,
Grab your bike and go

Just ride!
Leave the past behind you!
See what lies beyond the bend
And ride!
Forget what once defined you
And get ready for your
New best friend!

Hear the gentleman whine,
"This titanium monstrosity will surely
Lead to moral decline,
Every broad will catch the bug
And start to roam!"
"You know a woman should be gearing up
For clearing up the mess at home,
But all they've done is pull the rug,
This is absurd!"

"I hear the bicycles vibrations,
Cause unspeakable sensations
And set their private parts aglow!"
"It gets so hard resisting urges that
Take flight
With all those ankles in plain sight!"
Don't worry fellas,
I'll be gone before you know!

Just ride!
Leave the past behind you!
Let the critics condescend
And ride!
Their attitudes can't bind you.
So get ready for your new best friend

And maybe you will find
That change of pace,
That shift in gear
Will help you realize who you wanna be,
A different state of mind,
Who wouldn't take the chance to disappear?
To disregard your worries and be free!

To leave the past behind you
Take a road that has no end
And ride!
To where your life won't find you
And get ready for your,
Just get ready for your,
'Cause I'm ready for my,
New best friend!

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Ride the Musical Lyrics

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