Soft Power - Welcome to America Lyrics

2019 Off-Broadway
Soft Power the Musical - Welcome to America Lyrics

Welcome to America
Welcome to America

Need a ride?

Need a ride?

Save your soul!

Want a Rolex?

Help me out!

Need a guide?

Yo, yo welcome to our crazy fucking country
But you know I will protect you
I see you're not white
But you know I will respect you
With your bold billfold
So let me be your guide
Yo, I can see in all directions 'cause I'm round-eyed

Bang bang Dirty Harry bang bang I'm your ride
With my crucifix and gun I'll shoot a holy in your side

Round-eyed, round-eyed
Round it goes

Bang bang Dirt Harry bang bang to the head

In the land of the free

And the home of the dead

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