1938 Musical Film
Alexander's Ragtime Band - SYNOPSIS

The story opens in colorful San Francisco of the Barbary Coast days. Tyrone Power is the talented, ambitious young leader of Alexander's Ragtime Band, making its first big for fame in a rowdy honky-tonk. Alice Faye is lovely, deep-throated, impulsive Stella Kirby, songstress with the band. Two hot-heads, they are constantly quarrelling and hurting each other, only the interceding of Don Ameche, songwriter with the band , keeping them from an open break. The band, gaining in popularity, moves over to the Cliff House, There, Don, who is in love with Alice, writes a song for her and as she sings it, the words written by another sink deep into Tyrone's heart. He realizes suddenly that he has loved her more than he knew. And her voice and eyes tell him she has been singing to him! In a touching scene on the Cliff House terrace they declare their love to each other.

More success comes - as it happens, to Alice. She is called to Broadway and it makes for misunderstanding and bitterness. There is another quarrel - and she leaves alone. Even Don an do nothing with Tyrone now, so he follows Alice. The band is broken up. About this time, war is declared and Tyrone, with Jack Haley, one of his musicians, jins the colors. Alice rises to fame on Broadway, Don writing her songs. She attends an army musical staged by Tytone in New York, before the show ends orders arrive to embark for France and the entire troupe marches out of the theatre to the ship. It is an unforgettable dramatic moment, filted with the pathos of Alice's vain attempt to reach and reconcile Tyrone.

Having seen service "over there," Tyrone returns to find Alice and Don married. Heart-broken, he reorganizes his band with a new singer - Ethel Merman. The year roll on, measured by tempos from ragtime to swing, and triumphant success takes Tyrone abroad. Not until he returns does he learn that Don, sensing Alice's unhappiness, has stepped aside. Alice has deserted Broadway - it is love her heart wants, not fame. Tyrone begins a search for her but not until the memorable night that he attains the musical heights by playing at famed Carnegie Hall does he find her. Then she steps from the wings where friends have brought her. It is a moment only melody could express - and it finds expression as Tyrone's orchestra plays and Alice sings the song that had first brought them together - that brought them heart-break and happiness - that brings them now the plaudits of the world -  "Alexander's Ragtime Band"!

Alexander's Ragtime Band
Synopsis to Alexander's Ragtime Band