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Ani: A Parody the Musical - PLOT SYNOPSIS

The story takes place shortly before the events of Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope.

Act I
A voiceover plays over of an announcer (Brian Holden) narrating the win of Ani at a pod race. An Imperial officer (Eric Kahn Gale) comes in and prompts him, calling him "Lord Vader". Vader turns around and tells the officer to call him "Ani" (Chris Allen) ("Ani Lyrics"). The officer asks Ani how he's doing and Ani replies that he was looking out into space, thinking about the good old days. He wistfully adds that the thing about the good old days is that you don't know that you're in them until they're gone. Ani asks why he came around and the officer tells him that he's late for a meeting with other Imperial officers. The Imperial officers, lead by Moff Jeffrey Tarkin (Joe Walker) discuss their plans for the Death Star.

Act II

Ani, Tarkin, and Jar Jar begin training for the Boonta Eve ("The Force (You Got It) Lyrics"). Mara goes to Jabba's palace to audition for the dancing slave girl position but is ridiculed and denied an audition for having no previous experience.

Tarkin takes Emily to the Mos Eisley cantina for drinks. There they meet Obi-Wan Kenobi, who is shocked to hear that Ani is still alive after he defeated and left him for dead years prior. Tarkin is contacted by Palpatine and he and Emily leave the cantina to take the call. Palpatine has been informed by another general of Ani's goal to race, and demands Tarkin to bring him back to the Death Star. Tarkin dramatically refuses and hangs up. Tarkin and Emily later share a romantic moment after Tarkin charms Emily with romantic lines Ani gave to him ("Haunted By The Kiss Lyrics"). Meanwhile, Obi-Wan forms an alliance with Sebulba to kill Ani and Jar Jar.

Obi-Wan appears at Jar Jar's residence; he draws a pistol on Jar Jar, robbing him and then shooting him before fleeing. Jar Jar later dies in a hospital with Ani being there for his final moments. Ani decides to give up on racing on the fear he may be targeted next but is convinced otherwise by Tarkin and Mara, who remind Ani of his dream.

On the day of the race, Sebulba sabotages Ani's pod by removing the power coupling. The race commences ("One In A Million Lyrics"). Ani and Sebulba appear to be evenly matched until Ani's pod runs out of power and Sebulba knocks into him, causing him and his pod to crash into the side. Palpatine confronts Ani at the crash site and apologizes for not understanding Ani's passion in pod-racing. He reactivates Ani's pod with his force lightning, sending Ani back into the race. Ani catches up to Sebulba and punches him in the nose, winning the race shortly after.

Boba Fett, who is Ani's friend, is able to secure Mara an audition for a slave girl position through his connections to Jabba. Ani, Tarkin, and Emily are there to watch Mara's audition ("Back On Top Lyrics"). She gets the part and the cast celebrates with a reprise of the musical's first song.

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Ani: A Parody the Musical Lyrics

Ani Song
Long Ago and Far Away
Strike Back
With My Own Eyes
The Force (You Got It)
Haunted by the Kiss
One in a Million
Back on Top