BJ SAM - The Star Will Always Shine Lyrics

BJ SAM - The Star Will Always Shine Lyrics

The Star will always shine..
eagle will surely fly ......
anywhere anytime ..........

Verse 1
Know I'm destined to be great
It doesn't matter where I find myself
Know I can stand anywhere
Even in the desert I'll surely excel

Was born to make history
Greater is he that lives in me
That others didn't make it
Doesn't mean I wouldn't make it

I am a star born to shine
Can't be lost in shade of nite
Darkness may cover the whole earth
I will surely rise and shine.


Verse 2
Many keep wondering how
Eagle glides so high in the sky
Not knowing they also have ability to fly
But they just wouldn't belief & try

When storms approach they cry & grumble
While eagles gladly use the storm to fly over  struggles
Cos they've realised before every breathrough
There'll always be storms & obstacles

Like eagles were born to fly not to crawl,
To shine bright as  sparkle of diamonds
As I wait on d Lord Jesus
My strength is renewed to fly above the storm


I'm not afraid of the storm,
The storm only tells me I am about to be a champion
I'm not afraid of d storm
Cos after the storm I know everything will blossom.

(P) 2015 Blue Pie Publishing USA/ DJ CENTRAL
Publishing  Australia / AFRICORI UK / Splendeeds Musiq France/
© 2015 BJ SAM

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